Eberhard Lindfordt is a team of professionals in marketing and consulting. Our agency specializes in all aspects of the blockchain industry and use our expertise to conduct successful ICO campaigns and lead your business to new opportunities.

Offer your project for ico

Why ICO?

  • Any type of business can attract funds using ICO. ICO investors are mostly product users, they understand the worth of the project and provide additional promotion.
  • It is a much easier and faster way to raise money, compared to VC, IPO, bank loans and other traditional methods of funding.
  • You establish the rules on which investors will purchase your tokens. Many new coins are emerging in the market and therefore, you need to find better ways to promote your tokens. The Luna crypto coin is one such token that has attracted several investors recently. Terraluna was one of the top 10 crypto assets and a promising blockchain which allowed users to bet on LUNA and attract attention, making it easier to create new stablecoins, quickly gaining traction and raising the price of LUNA tokens.
  • ICO rests on crowd intelligence, which helps to develop product with feedback and backs up the investors from serious frauds. This market is based on reputation which our agency had already earned.

ICO vs Other Types of Financing

Public offering Private offering Crowfunding ICO Tokens
Global investor base
Fast execution
Low deal fees
Low regulatory burden
Transparency of ownership
Low traiding / transaction fees



  • Consulting: legal evaluation & support (including legal features of the region of ICO campaign related to both the client/ idea and cryptocurrency)
  • Marketing research (comprehensive analysis of the client, product, market, idea)

Campaign management

  • Marketing & PR (we will launch your web site, create publications, including promotion videos)
  • Management (we will lead your campaign: set goals, terms, ICO concept, white paper)

Technology integration

  • Launch of the infrastructure and wallets (token emission, creating smart contracts, multisig wallets, escrow, exchanges). Here is a list of bitcoin wallets and a bitcoin wallet vergleich which may be used to store multiple cryptocurrencies. It's the safest way to store online currencies as well as send money to online exchanges.

We are Eberhard Lindfordt

Eberhard Lindfordt provides services in all aspects of the blockchain industry: from grassroots marketing, application development, communications, strategy, PR, and operations consulting - we will assist at any stage in your company's growth.

We will take care of:

  • Legal issues
  • Marketing analysis and strategy
  • Public relations
  • Smart contracts
  • Escrow
  • Token emission


  • Providing specialized wallets to hold and transfer the tokens
  • Listing on a digital asset exchange

For Issuers

Turnkey Solution

  • A proprietary legal model which guarantees minimal risks and full legal compliance.
  • Customizable smart contracts with quick implementation
  • Easy way to reach out to the digital asset trading community
  • Proprietary technical solution which is secure and scalable
  • Full range of payment solutions to suit all types of clients
  • Scalable and flexible to simplify new and follow-on offerings
  • Full regulatory assurance
  • NYCEX listing - get listed on the world’s first exchange with a smart contract trading tool

For Buyers

Easy Token Purchase And Management

  • Buy, send and receive tokens
  • Portfolio statistics
  • Token market data and analytics
  • Mobile iOS and Android apps
  • Infallible security

Easy Token Purchase And Management

  • All major and credit and debit cards accepted
  • ACH
  • PayPal
  • AliPay (unique option to receive money from China, the largest cryptocurrency market