If you are planning to launch an ICO, we can help you with general strategy, legal, tech, media production and marketing.

The Essentials.

What is Eberhard Lindfordt?

We’re a team of engineers, marketeers, analysts, founders, designers, producers, project managers, PR/advertising agents and copywriters who know how to promote blockchain-related products and services and prepare everything essential for a successful ICO. We go by the name of Eberhard Lindfordt.

What exactly do you do?

We provide strategy development, legal, tech, media production and marketing services for interesting, original, unconventional, novel blockchain-based projects.

We can take only a part of your project, like developing a smart contract, or producing a website, or launching an ICO listing, but we very much prefer doing the complete package — from idea to strategy to execution. This way we can be sure that the result will be as good as it gets.

How are you different from [any other ICO agency]?

Tough one. First, we really don't want to brag too much. Second, we don't want to badmouth our competitors — after all, we respect them as much as we respect everybody else in the world, potential partners and ourselves included. Having said that, after being in this market for quite some time, there are certain patterns that one can't help not noticing.

Most ICO agencies are basically web development / advertising / marketing agencies that don't really care about what they're working on as long as it pays the bills. That's surely fine. Who are we to judge? And yet we somehow think that you can't really be a one-size-fits-all web shop, you can't work on whatever if you have some values, beliefs and opinions of your work.

  • We’re picky. We’d rather wait for a good client and an interesting project rather than work with an idea that we don’t really buy. You can't really do good work if you don't fully believe in.
  • We strive to achieve the best results possible. Settling for mediocrity is really not our thing.
  • We know our shit really well. This might sound somewhat presumptuous, but we have certain reasons for this rather bold statement. We're a team of people with solid accomplishments behind, and we're doing our best to keep learning and striving to do better things. Not to mention that we're not getting too complacent and keeping track of all the ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrency news.
  • We don’t just execute whatever and create some stuff. Rather, we carefully study the problem and find the best ways of solving it. We don't want to just do something and get paid for it. We want to bring results and provide value for our clients.

Is there anything that you won’t do?

Sure. Here's a list of some things we'll say no to immediately.

We don't do:

  • scams
  • Ponzi schemes
  • financial pyramids
  • stupid projects
  • boring projects
  • copycats.

The list is non-exhaustive, but it should give you a good idea about our mindset and aspirations.

I’d like to make sure that you know what you’re talking about.

Fair question. Here are some (hopefully) very convincing facts.

  • We're working with experienced lawyers who specialize exclusively on ICO, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. (We'll gladly provide more details upon request.)
  • The people who'll set up your smart contract are the winners of international crypto hackathons.
  • Our development team includes people with tons of experience with all kinds of technology stacks (Node.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Solidity), building high-load and complex web apps, websites, mobile services, native apps, and open source projects.
  • The ones responsible for advertising and PR have organized some of the largest crypto events worldwide: meetups, hackaton‑like festivals and conferences. We’re also well-connected with journalists covering blockchain and cryptocurrency topics.

If you have extra doubts or concerns, please drop us a line. We promise to reply honestly — since we think that there's no point in lying, overpromising, and overselling.

(We’ve also been sold to in the past. We remember that it’s an unpleasant experience.)

Tell me a bit about your approach to ICO projects.

We begin with thoroughly analyzing your project and the idea behind it. Then we tell you our findings completely honestly — no BS here. If we love the idea, we say we love the idea. If we think it's stupid, we tell you that it's stupid.

We also explain — at length — why it's stupid, or boring, or why no one would be interested. Reasons might include: weak tech foundation, lack of community, potential legal problems, poor (or poorly communicated) core value proposition.

After I send you an email, what will the process look like?

  1. We start with understanding your problem and analyzing everything that you've created up to this point. (It's perfectly fine if you come empty-handed. We love building the complete solution out of nothing.)
  2. We do a thorough analysis of the project and explain what we think need to be fixed so that we'll take it further.
  3. If you agree with our findings, you can either proceed to further steps with us or on your own. If you disagree — well, it happens, that's life, different people have different ideas on what's right and wrong, and it's all perfectly fine. There are many other agencies that would suit you way better.
  4. We propose a project plan and then start working together!

Who will I be working with on a day-to-day basis?

Just one person. Let's call her account manager. She'll be your partner throughout the entire project, carefully listening and understanding your thoughts and transforming them into deliverables with the team.

There would be no crowded, long, pointless meetings, and there would be no "make my logo bigger" kind of discussions.

Do you know how to do X? I’m specifically looking for someone who knows how to do X.

Let's see. Here's the full list of what we do:

Creative support

  • Site
  • Logo
  • Presentation
  • Video
  • Brand book
  • Naming & branding
  • Site translation
  • Email templates

White Paper & technical

  • Whitepaper correction
  • Legal & analytical review
  • Bounty program
  • Github
  • Full analytical report

Team support

  • Advisory board
  • Team & founder profile improvement

Digital Marketing plan

  • PPC
  • banner ads
  • social media ads
  • video ads
  • CPA network offer


  • Q&A support (Telegram, Slack etc)
  • Forum & community support (BitcoinTalk, Reddit etc)
  • Social profiles support


  • Generating news opportunity
  • Press releases
  • Work with negatives
  • Community trust outreach
  • Paid articles

Event support

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Participating opportunities
  • Finding speaker or speaking bootcamp
  • Sponsorship

ICO listings

  • ICObench premium pack
  • Other ICO listing

I think that ICOs are nothing but hype a scam.

You're perfectly right. Here's a tulip!

We could not agree more. Perhaps so were IPOs back in the day — and the Dutch East India Company's going public and issuing stock back in 1602 was just a massive scam. Despite all the controversy, IPOs stayed and thousands of startups founders are waking up every morning dreaming of an IPO exit one day. (Like, literally dreaming.)

Or maybe it's another dotcom or tulip mania. Nobody knows for sure. Nobody can predict the future — but we're quite convinced that regardless of what'll happen the digital currencies are here to stay.